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Wijzer Antieke Klokken is the brand and the company to go to if you are looking for anything related to antique clocks. We have clocks that are dated from as early as 10 years ago to clocks that have survived decades. If you are looking for antique clocks to add to your collection, we have them for you.

Aside from antique clocks, you can also find other products for sale in our shop. We may be an antique clock store but you may see some other units that you like when you shop online. And another tip is that you can use voucher codes to get additional discounts from our store.

Clock Repair

An antique clock brings luxury to any home. It can be intimidating for some who look at it. But for those who understand true art, they can instantly say that antique clocks bring life and culture to any room.

Just as any product that you have, antique clocks still fail to function over time. They may lose parts and stop working for no viable reason. They are luxurious items in your home that you do not just throw away when they stop working. And priceless commodities like these should not be thrown out at all. Fortunately for you, we have a fully functioning repair shop that specializes in antique clocks. We have five experts working every day to cater to the needs of your precious clocks.

All you have to do is to bring your antique clock here in our store and have them assessed. We will give you a quotation for the repair with a list of clock parts to buy. Do not worry because we give special discounts and promo codes to new customers.

Have your antique clocks restored and fully functioning again through our repair services.

Liza Visser

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She is a writer and blogger. She loves everything about clocks especially the antique ones. The intricacies of the design, the accuracy of the details, and the prices that they reach all pique her interest. When she is not working, she does shop online and looks for discounts on watches and clocks.