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Wijzer Antieke Klokken is a Dutch antique clock shop that is located at Amsterdam in the Netherlands. clients who are looking for antique clocks can also log in to our page and shop online. We offer various types and kinds of clocks from different eras. From the simple cuckoo clocks to huge grandfather-inspired clocks, customers can choose the ones that they want to buy from us.

The Founders

It is owned by a group of antique clock collectors who saw the beauty and the importance of owning a Dutch antique clock and placing it in the most important part of the house. Ever since the founders of the company met each other in 2003, they have always sought to get the finest and most exquisite antique clocks in the world.  Because of the vastness of the collection of each of the members, their first goal was to make room for their collection by selling some of their collection to make some space for new ones. This has gone for a few years until they realized that they had already formed a group of collectors who are pursuing new clocks to add to their list.

Their love for antique clocks has developed into advocacy to share the same passion that they have with other people. Their first store was built in 2005. A vast collection from the founders was placed inside the store and literally, hundreds of units were sold on the first week.

Today, you can find lots of antique clocks on display on our four stores across the Netherlands. Watch out for our quarterly special discount sales and our daily voucher codes shown on our website.

Liza Visser

Photo of Liza Visser.

She is a writer and blogger. She loves everything about clocks especially the antique ones. The intricacies of the design, the accuracy of the details, and the prices that they reach all pique her interest. When she is not working, she does shop online and looks for discounts on watches and clocks.

Our Location

Wijzer Antieke Klokken